Scotland's 100 Iconic Moments

Final Countdown: Scotland’s journey continues…

YOU saw the first 100 to 41 moments last week – now we get down to the nitty gritty.

What’s in the top 40? What’s in the top 10? What is number one?

The real debate starts here… though we hope ┬áthere will be no argument over our choice for No.40.

Some of the moments will come as no surprise but there will definitely be shocks in here.

Some of the moments barely caused a ripple at the time but became hugely significant as the years passed.

And there’s not a one-size-fits-all description of an iconic moment.

It could be a marvellous example of the Scottish sense of humour or fighting spirit, or an achievement or a discovery.

And how will you know it’s an iconic moment?

We think it is an event that makes you know you’re a Scot.

It’s all in here.

Your life story is on these pages and your country’s story is here too.

We’re immensely proud for making Scotland the greatest country on the planet.

You certainly gave us plenty to think about!

Now, we’d love to hear your opinion. We are very keen to get you, our readers, involved.

This is your country, these are your iconic moments.

Please tell us what you think.