Scottish football fans invading the pitch after Scotland beat England in 1977 (Getty Images)

77 – Britain’s most famous pitch invasion

June 4, 1977

THE Tartan Army de-turfs Wembley.

The old Wembley Stadium was demolished in 2002. It was a job started 25 years earlier by the Tartan Army.

Scotland beat England 2-1 on June 4, 1977 to end a 10-year hoodoo against the Auld Enemy.

The victorious supporters decided they’d take home a few souvenirs. They included the goalposts and a good deal of the pitch. Even now there are thousands of gardens in Scotland that boast a wee bit of Wembley turf.

The mass pitch invasion completely overshadowed a great victory for new Scotland boss Ally MacLeod.

Current national manager Gordon Strachan was on the field with his best man George Mackie and his new bride Lesley.

Englishmen like Jimmy Hill and John Motson were outraged by this disgraceful hooliganism. That just made the experience all the sweeter for the Scotland fans.

A bit of football took place as well!

Gordon McQueen, sporting a magnificent head of hair like a lion’s mane, rose above the England defence to crash home the opening goal. Kenny Dalglish got the second with a wonderful stab from close range. England got a jammy penalty that was converted by Mick Channon.

Scotland didn’t just beat England, they played them off the park.

Then the players left the stage clear for the fans to give their performance.

Who will ever forget the crossbar straining under the weight of fans before finally snapping?