Beano and Dandy

81 – First ever Beano and Dandy

December 4, 1937 and July 30, 1938

TODAY’S youngsters have digital entertainment on tap wherever and whenever they want.

For generations of schoolchildren, however, getting their copy of The Beano or The Dandy was a highlight of the week.

It was usually followed by a retreat to an adult-free refuge such as a bedroom or corner of the garden where the latest stories could be enjoyed without an adult looking over your shoulder.

Had your joke or drawing been published? On a particularly good week there would be a free toy or sweetie on the cover.

The Dandy arrived on newsagents’ shelves in December 1937, with the Beano a few months later in July 1938, each a product of the hugely creative artists employed by DC Thomson in Dundee.

Although changing tastes, which had seen many competitors bite the dust years earlier, saw The Dandy cease publication in 2013, The Beano continues to entertain children of all ages with its mix of jokes and pranks.

The comic’s unique appeal taps into traits that the naughty child within all of us would still occasionally like to be – Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and Roger the Dodger are as cheeky and mischievous as ever.

The Beano Annual continues to be a favourite, frequently appearing as the top-selling annual in the UK, and these days the print version can be enjoyed alongside apps and a website,