99 – Lulu wins Eurovision

March 29, 1969

A WIN’S a win.

Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie – better known as Lulu – made one of the all-time great Eurovision performances with her rendition of Boom Bang-A-Bang.

At the end of the night she was tied on points with entrants from Spain, France and the Netherlands — which meant four countries shared the top spot.

There was no rule to cover this, so the victory was split. It still counts as a triumph for the UK, and for one of Scotland’s favourite daughters.

But maybe – since Scots sometimes finds victories on the European stage difficult to come by, as our national football team confirmed again recently – we should claim this title for ourselves.


Rules were introduced in the following year involving countries recasting votes in the event of a tie.

And based on what happened, Lulu would have won the competition outright.

It would only be fair after the sacrifices Oor Lulu made for Eurovision.

Weeks before the contest, she was wed to Bee Gee Maurice Gibb and even postponed her honeymoon to make it to Madrid on the night.

Not that she thought she was going to win – out of all the tracks Boom Bang-A-Bang, with its nonsense title, was originally considered a bit too silly.

That title would see the track eventually (and controversially) banned from radio airplay.

During the 1991 Gulf War it was thought playing the track would be a touch insensitive during the aerial bombardment of Iraq.