We are Scotland, and these are our moments

THERE are moments that speak to your very soul and say: “Scotland…I am a Scot…My heart is Scottish.”

Sometimes you don’t realise these moments are tugging at your heartstrings until a tear rolls down your cheek or your chest puffs up with pride.

It might be a sweet breath of breeze that carries the smell of wild heather, it might be a glorious goal that triggers an explosion of Tartan Army joy.

But you know, you can feel in your bones, that it says “Scotland”.

The Sunday Post has been published for 100 years and is proudly Scottish. It is the only national newspaper headquartered north of the Border and every week it brings you stories of Scotland.

As we’re fond of saying, it’s as Scottish as mince ’n’ tatties and Maw Broon’s tartan shawl.

As part of the celebrations to mark our 100 years, over the next two weeks we will bring you 100 iconic Scottish moments.

The fun, though, is…what is an iconic moment?

Each of the moments we have chosen is wonderful in its own right. But which should be number 86 and which should be in the top 10?

The Sunday Post staff thoroughly enjoyed putting the list together. Arguments raged over what was in, what was out and which order they should come in.

We revelled in our Scottishness. We discussed the nation’s contribution in times of war, our ability to enjoy a good “do” and what we find entertaining – and created three special sections which celebrate the spirit of Scotland.

Now we look forward to hearing what you think.

Because you ARE Scotland. Scotland is made of you. What stirs you? What inspires you?

What is it that makes you feel Scottish through and through?

What is Scotland’s most iconic moment in your opinion? What have we missed? What was too far down the pecking order?

Our countdown is only the beginning. We hope our readers will now take up the story.

Please tell us what you think.